Welcome to the Pen Dojo

Here in the Dojo, I am dedicated to delivering a wide range of exceptional services through my work as an Illustration Artist.

My work is a tribute to my beloved family members and my many years training as a martial artist, and I pour my heart into everything I create and do to provide best for my supporters.

Welcome to my Penjustsu!!


Logo Design

Your custom logo designs are tailored to represent your brand's identity and values, ensuring a strong visual presence. I will work with you to create the logo that will stand out from the competition.

Personal? Custom Artwork

From business cards to dog portraits, I provide high-quality digital images that last forever and the best part is that I will work with you to create the ultimate one of a kind work of art.

Branding/ Art Consultation

Let me help you define and establish a cohesive visual identity for your brand through our personalized branding consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pen Dojo and Penjutsu?

The Pen Dojo is a fusion of both of my passions, the Martial Arts and Illustration. 

Created when an artist controls the flow of the audience's cerebral system, thereby affecting their visual and emotional senses through imagery, giving the artist full control over their targetted audience. 
This is  Penjutsu.

How can I request a design consultation?

You can request a design consultation by filling out the contact form on the contacts page.

I look forward to discussing your design needs!

What types of projects do you work on?

I work on a variety of projects, including logo design, personal illustratons, tattoo designs, and branding consultation. Reach out with your specific design requirements and I will do my best to create your custom work of art.


“Working with Ten Yuki was an amazing experience. His designs exceeded my expectations and truly captured the essence of my brand. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for unique and meaningful graphic design.”

— TinctureBell.co

" You're ideas are fire man, we have to keep working together"

— 3kings clothing

"Working with Ten Yuki has been a pleasure, if you want Quality work, he's your man.

— Donald D.

About Ten Yuki

Ten Yuki, the divine snow, is an independent graphic artist based in New York. My work is deeply rooted in a life dedicated to being a student of martial arts and the values of honor and tradition, paying homage to the legacy of my beloved family members . I will strive to create meaningful and impactful designs that resonate with my clients and their audience. 

 I gather inspiration from everything, my personal style is taylored to my liking and is heavily inspired by Japanese Manga. I am capable of varrying my art style to fit the theme and content of the image I am creating.

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